Friday, November 6, 2009

The "Family Love Model" and the Spirit World

Love eddies

Mysteries of science and religion are together resolved in understanding the "Family Love" model.   We cannot really know this Universe without including and making it central to our quest.

Our entire universe is birthed from masculine / feminine pairs.  From the Original Parental Relationship flows the omni-permeating conscious energy we call "Love".

That River of Consciousness has been tweaked to form "eddies (in-turned love)" that again rotate with other "love eddies" to form structures.  Those structures then have been purposed to build the temples for our individuated souls.

Each of us have been birthed through this principle and each of us are responsible to weave that Love vertically, horizontally circling and surrounding us.  We create this sphere by our loving. parents, spouses, brothers and sister, and the natural world around us.

Those realms of love then bind into the larger spherical Universe through which we feel, think, speak and move.

Here is our environment for continual stimulation and joy.  As we engage these invisible dimensions of love, our spirits grow through our knowing them, and they become, not only our life on earth, but our eternal realm of existence beyond this life.

Because of our many inter-personal failures, we avoid this most central "family" truth, and struggle in confusion with the many puzzle pieces of science and religion.


Earthly Life is Training to be in Rhythm with the Spirit World – from the Cheong Seong Gyeong

“I have a depth of spiritual experience. The spirit world is a place enveloped in the elements of love. On the earth, we breathe air, but in the spirit world, people live by inhaling love. The love you share in the spirit world is not secular human love but true love.

When you go to spirit world, you will find that those who have fully loved their parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, and children– that is, those who have experienced deep love in their family life – will be able to enjoy great freedom. They can go everywhere without restriction. Conversely, those in the spirit world who have no experience of love are narrow-minded; they find themselves isolated and alone, with no freedom whatsoever.

The love between parents and children is a vertical relationship, the love between husband and wife is a horizontal relationship, and the love among brothers and sisters is a relationship that circles and surrounds. These three relationships differ from one another. Therefore, only when you experience deep love through these three mutually distinct interactions on earth can you circulate freely vertically, horizontally, and in a circle.

Those who have not tasted parental love because their parents died early are in a rather tragic position because they are missing an important experience of love. Likewise, those who have not experienced the conjugal love relationship of husband and wife as well as love in the family, become poor people in the spirit world because they lack a crucial experience of life. Those who have no brothers and sisters will also be in a poor position in the spirit world because they lack this experience.

The reason to marry is to deeply experience parental love, conjugal love, and children’s love. We need these experiences because the spirit world is filled with the air of such love. You need to have a family to train yourself to be in rhythm with the spirit world. Those who go to the spirit world without these experiences of love cannot follow the rhythm there. They will be as one without a nose to inhale such air of love.

You are born from your father and mother. What is more fundamental is the fact that you are born from God by having borrowed your mother’s womb. You find true parents through the universal parents and through your physical parents. Your physical parents are temporary, so the moment of your death is a time of jubilation when you go to meet the True Parents. The true love of the true parents is there.

This is the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, where the atmosphere is composed of love and filled with parental love. That love is not for me; it is a love that is in keeping with the unilateral law under the principle of service and sacrifice. In accord with this principle, you must love the universe and humankind. Your life on earth is the training ground for the development of such love.

How important is your life on earth? You only live it once. It is a short moment that only comes once. When compared to eternal life, the earthly life is but a point. It is too short a moment. At this moment, we must go beyond our physical life and make preparation for the spirit world.“

(Cheong Seong Gyeong)


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