Friday, February 25, 2011

Discovering the Dynamics of Love

Our Love Language
I attended our Church's webinar the other day.  The moderator ask us to look within to determine our 'Spiritual Love Language'.  Just as our individual 'Language of Love', can be identified, our 'Love Language' with God can be realized.  Some communicate with God in nature, some find God while studying truth,  some experience Him in service for others, and other in religious worship or meditation.

As I listened to the discussion, I found that my 'Way' was not specifically on the list.  I found it partially in all the Love Languages, but not complete enough in any one that I could truly identify it as my love language with God.  Later, I realized that I find God in 'Discovery'.

One of my earliest memories is gliding across a mirror calm lake in the dark of night, surrounded by the lights of hundreds of cottages on the distant shore.  Each of those cottages were beaming light across that mirror, and as we move forward, those lights were following me!  "I must be special", I thought. "I bet they follow every one else too. All of us must be very special".

Feeling the Existence of God
Our religious quest, or any internal quest for that matter, is not about a battle of words, ideas and beliefs.

First, it is awareness that we are a result of something magnificent that pre-existed us. Second is to realize that we have been designed for the entirety of our being to be a part of every aspect of this experience.  We are fully embedded in this magnificent construct that reaches beyond us.
God’s existence is not just a matter of words. From the perspective of the subject-object partner relationship in the Principle, we do not need to prove that God exists. Rather, the position we must establish is that God existed before we had cognition of Him and that He rules over all our senses and over everything to do with us.

Awareness of this is more important than anything else. The basic rule is that awareness precedes knowledge, not the other way around. When we are cold, we first feel cold before we think, “I am cold.” We do not first think “I am cold” before we feel it. Isn’t that so? Likewise, because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters. In other words, the issue is how we reach the state in which we can experience these things.

(CSG: 58-291, 1972.6.25)
Finally then, what matters is to 'feel' the reality of 'God's Love'.
Tap into those feelings that brings deep experiences.

You should be able to cry out “Father!” even in your sleep and even when you are by yourself. When in your daily life you forget to eat or sleep, and exclaim “Father!” with a deep longing, you will be able to hold His hand. Magical things will happen. When you call out “Father!”
He will embrace you.

You must know that in your life of faith, the most precious thing is how you tap into those feelings that bring you those deep experiences. The degree and amount of your experience and feel-
ing can be the measure of your faith. If you have such a heart of love, when you determine, “I must accomplish this,” God will already be supporting you even before you ask, “Heavenly Father, please be with me.” Feeling His support, you will say, “Thank you, God!” (CSG: 58-297, 1972.6.25)

I have begun some adventures that keep the spirit of discovery alive.

1)  The Dynamics of Love: Principles for Safe Sailing

The 4 Loves:
1 Child’s Love
2 Mutual Love
3. Conjugal Love
4 Parental Love

2) The Grow Fiddle:  Experiencing the (4) Position Foundation:

Grow Fiddle Work Sheet

I will keep you posted on my journey.  I'll be on the lookout for inspiration and insight.  We all need partners or nothing is joyful or worthwhile.

Take Care!



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  1. "It is such that we are so close to the Father, that it is indistinguishable...we are family in such a way as to be singular...when viewed, we are the same brilliance...our names are the same and the light shows no distinction...Love is complete"